Strategic Private Equity Investments

Seeding and anchoring emerging managers

Gatewood Capital Partners is an innovative private equity firm with a dedicated fund making seed investments in highly qualified emerging managers pursuing a wide range of private equity and other alternative investment strategies.

Our approach

Gatewood’s partnership model goes beyond that of traditional fund-level investors, providing significant ‘first close’ LP capital and ongoing strategic support to emerging managers launching institutional-grade funds. We also selectively back established managers seeking institutional capital and a long-term partnership with Gatewood.

We pursue various private market strategies, including buyout, growth, credit, real estate, and infrastructure, in North America and Europe.

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Our value-add

Gatewood invests discretionary capital alongside other like-minded LPs in high-quality emerging managers. We believe that the participation of leading institutional investors in a first close can build meaningful fundraising momentum for a new fund.

We pride our success on the success of our underlying managers. Gatewood supports its partners in multiple ways to help them pursue long-term success, while working towards our goal of achieving strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our capabilities

Investor relationships

Gatewood has a wide network of investor relationships.


Developing a tailored fundraising and marketing strategy.

Service provider relationships

Introductions and term guidance for establishing service provider relationships with leading companies.

Fund formation

Fund managers can leverage Gatewood’s expertise to assist with the fund formation process.

Operational support

Implement and improve best-in-class reporting, monitoring, and valuations practices.

Our team

Over the past decade, our principals have built a ‘partnership culture’ based on strong alignment of interests, a high level of transparency, and a value-add approach to investing. We strive to maintain this disciplined approach with our underlying fund managers, while at the same time seeking strong risk-adjusted returns.